If you would like to remove trees or vegetation of any kind within your property; please accompany your request with the following form along with a survey demonstrating that they are within your property lines
If you would like to remove fences and/or walls of any kind within your property; please accompany your request with the following form along with a survey demonstrating that they are within your property lines.
If you will be using a dumpster / trailer / waste container for your project you will need to fill out a form and submit it to the HOA for approval prior to its arrival to the community. All units without prior approval will be turned away at the gate at the owners expense. 
Please be advised the Design Review Committee Meeting 
for September 2019 
meeting will be rescheduled 
for the second Monday of the month 
 (September 9, 2019) due to Labor Day holiday

outhern Dunes Design Review Committee (DRC) 

The Design Review Committee (DRC) meets on the first Monday of each month, (or the second Monday if the first Monday is a Holiday) at the Southern Dunes Clubhouse located at 1603 Forest Hills Lane at 5:00p.m.  

Notice is posted at the Guardhouse (EXIT side), 48 hours prior to the meeting. 


Design Review Committee Members 
Barbara Heddon 
Wayne Campbell 
Dion Thornton 
Marlene Judge
Clettus Greene

The DRC review form must be completed by the homeowner and submitted to the Design Review Committee for approval prior to commencement of work.  

Forms should be emailed, hand-delivered or mailed to: 

Southern Dunes Master Community HOA

1603 Forrest Hills Lane

Haines City, FL  33844


For additional information contact the HOA office

(863) 419-0642 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday

 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

For exterior improvements including but not limited to, pools, fences, patios or patio extensions must also have a copy of your survey that was given to you at closing.  

You can also log into Polk County Property Appraisers and obtain a copy. 


This includes the removal or planting of trees/palms/shrubs removal or planting and/or changes to the landscaping. On the copy of the survey, please indicate where these items currently are or will be placed and provide dimensions and specifications. We need to confirm these will be within your property lines. Include copy of certification of tree on property form with your application. (Please go to the Documents Library for forms) 

All requests and alterations must conform to zoning and building regulations.  Homeowners requesting work for their properties must first apply to the Design Review Committee (DRC) for review and approval from the committee. After receiving approval from the DRC, applicants must verify and obtain required permits and property surveys from Haines City and other agencies. This is the homeowners responsibility. Once permits are granted from all necessary government agencies copies must be provided to the Association before work is started. 


 For more information please contact the 

City of Haines City - Office of the 

Directors of Community Development  or the Haines City Code Compliance Office 


Please visit the Document Library tab there is a permits information form as well as an application to submit to Haines City Permits.


For more information please contact the City of Haines City - Office of the Directore of Community Development  or the Haines City Code Compliance Office 

Planning Division

Physical Address 
620 E Main Street
Haines CityFL 33844
Phone: 863-419-3230

Code Compliance

Physical Address
35400 U.S. Highway 27
Haines CityFL 33844
Phone: 863-421-9937

If your request is denied, you may appeal to the Board of Directors of Southern Dunes HOA, for review.

updated 09/19/2018

Southern Dunes Master Community has a pre-approved mailbox. If you your home does not have one or needs to have one replaced please contact Beautiful Mailboxes (see below)

Mailboxes that do not conform to the approved will receive a violation notice.

If the mailbox has been removed remember to remove the pole as well if it is a single mount bracket.  

St. Augustine Residents:

Mailboxes are not permitted in front of the property. Mailboxes are located at the pool cabana in front of the restrooms. If you do not have a key to your mailbox, you will need to visit the Haines City Post Office with proof of residency to obtain your mailbox key. 

Haines City Post Office is located at: 1051 State Rd 544 E, Haines City, FL 33844


Did you know that having a beautifully manicured landscape adds both beauty and value to your home?  Whether you’re updating your landscaping for your personal enjoyment, or cleaning up the look for a quick sale.  Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure your home makes a great impression.


·  *Trimming trees, shrubs and plants helps to establish a clean look.  Particularly if they have been in place for more than a few years and have grown untended.


· * Weed removal and routine lawn mowing are key to achieving a manicured lawn.  Removing weeds can be quite tricky.  The best way to control weeds is to get them while they’re young.  A few simple pulls “here and there” can put you on the right track to a controlled lawn.  Also make sure your sprinkler timer is coordinated with the watering schedule for your neighborhood.


· * Adding color to your garden gives your landscape a little extra pizzazz.  Choosing the right plants can be a decision all your own or coupled with a landscaper or a quick visit to your local nursery.  Explaining your style and color tastes should provide enough to identify the right plants for you.


·  *A light layer of natural, bio-degradable mulch in landscape beds and tree rings should be added to not only provide visual appeal but to aid in water retention and weed suppression. You can find many tips and tricks on line or by using previously mentioned resources like landscapers and nurseries.


To ensure your home is “picture perfect” without any bumps in the road, a DRC application is needed before any major exterior changes in your landscape are done.




Tree Trimming: Why It Is Important


I’m sure I speak on behalf of more than half of the residents when I say “We love our trees!”

They provide cool shade and make our community looks great! What were once small have

grown to be big trees and require trimming every once in a while. Not only for esthetics but for



The Haines City Public Works and the Haines City Fire Department requests a 14-16 ft clearance from street level. This allows for passing on the roadways of the larger vehicles.


Why trim a tree?



  • Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect & decay organisms from entering the tree. If dead matter if left untrimmed the decaying material can attract wood boring insects which will weaken the tree and eventually cause it to fall.
  • Thin a dense canopy on a tree to increase air and sunlight, resulting in fewer disease problems.
  • Weak or narrow crotches split apart as the tree grows older. Remove these crotches to eliminate breaking and tearing of wood.
  • Remove co-dominant leaders. Co-dominant leaders are 2 branches growing near the top of a tree that grow straight up and become equally dominant. Cutting off one allows the other branch to grow & become the dominant branch. This prevents the branches from splitting and tearing wood that is often a problem in heavy winds.
    • Correct pruning procedures create & maintain a strong tree structure, preventing safety hazards such as low growing branches and growth forms subject to storm damage near a sidewalk or driveway.
    • Trimming back dead branches or useless “shooters” lessens the potential fire danger should your tree or any structures nearby catch fire.
    • Falling debris, leaves, branches and etc on the ground. This is a safety concern for pedestrians and vehicles. Rake and collect leaves, branches and debris; place in bags for garbage pickup. Leaving debris on the ground may end up in the community gutters which may clog the drains and cause flooding.
    • During hurricane season trees should be trimmed to allow the flow of wind through them limiting them to fall over.
    • Overgrown tree branches can block the streetlights limiting adequate lighting.




Maintain natural tree form

Often erratic or vigorous branches grow that change the growth habit of other branches, this results in a misshaped tree. Early removal of these vigorous branches maintains a natural tree form.


Stimulate or restrict growth

Pruning can stimulate growth in sparse areas of the tree. Pruning can also restrict growth where too much growth is undesirable.


Branches and roots frequently extend across property lines. The adjoining landowner may at his or her own expense trim back the branches or roots up to the property line; if the tree is healthy. Please see the Handbook of Florida Fence and Property Law: Tree and Landowner Responsibility for more information. (Click on the Documents Library)

If you are considering removing your tree, remember to apply to the Design Review Committee first. You will need to provide a survey indicating where the tree is located. Once your request has been approved you may proceed in removing your tree. You will need to grind down the stump and possibly re-sod the area if needed. Your tree trimmer will need to haul away the tree and branches. And don’t forget to clean up any debris or leaves left of the street.