If you would like to remove trees or vegetation of any kind within your property; please accompany your request with the following form along with a survey demonstrating that they are within your property lines
If you would like to remove fences and/or walls of any kind within your property; please accompany your request with the following form along with a survey demonstrating that they are within your property lines.
** Dumpster Policy Before any dumpster is brought into the community a DRC approval will be required. Fill out the form below and submit for review; forms are also located at the guardhouse. 



  1415 PARK PLACE 





Southern Dunes Design Review Committee (DRC) 

The Design Review Committee (DRC) meets on the first Monday of each month, (or the second Monday if the first Monday is a Holiday) at the Southern Dunes Clubhouse located at 1603 Forest Hills Lane at 5:00p.m.  

Notice is posted at the Guardhouse (EXIT side), 48 hours prior to the meeting. 


Design Review Committee Members 
Barbara Heddon 
Wayne Campbell 
Evelyn Pickert 
Dion Thornton 

The DRC review form must be completed by the homeowner and submitted to the Design Review Committee, for approval prior to commencement of work.  

Forms should be delivered or mailed to: Southern Dunes Master Community HOA, 1603 Forrest Hills Lane, Haines City, FL  33844.  For additional information contact the Property Manager, at (863) 419-0642, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. or via email at southerndunes@donasher.com.

For exterior painting, you MUST attach color samples to your application, and indicate which color is for HOME - TRIM - and DOOR.

Residents requesting to paint their home must have a local company doing the work.  If the home owner can't get a color sample to us, they could request the company doing the work, to drop off color samples to attach to the request.  

The form clearly says - "If no color samples are attached / Request will be denied". 

For exterior improvements including but not limited to, pools, fences, patios or patio extensions must also have a copy of your survey that was given to you at closing.  

This includes trees/palms/shrubs removal or planting of any trees/palms/shrubs and/or changes to the landscaping. On the copy of the survey, please indicate where these items currently are or will be placed and give the dimensions. We need to confirm these will be within your property lines. Include copy of certification of tree on property form with your application. 

All requests and alterations must conform to zoning and building regulations.  

You are required to obtain required permits and property surveys, if your request is approved – and, copies of those documents filed with the HOA office.

If your request is denied, you may appeal to the Board of Directors of Southern Dunes HOA, for review.

If you will be using a dumpster / trailer / waste container for your project you will need to fill out a form and submit it to the HOA for approval prior to its arrival to the community. All units without prior approval will be turned away at the gate at the owners expense. 

Southern Dunes Master Community has a pre-approved mailbox. If you your home does not have one or needs to have one replaced please contact Beautiful Mailboxes please see the posted information. 

Mailboxes that do not conform to the approved will receive a violation notice.

If the mailbox has been removed remember to remove the pole as well if it is a single mount bracket.  

St. Augustine Residents:

If you do not have a key to your mailbox, you will need to visit the Haines City Post Office with proof of residency to obtain your mailbox key. Mailboxes for this subdivision are located at the pool cabana.

Please see below information regarding the community approved mailboxes 

Beautiful Mailboxes 


Central Florida 800-856-6983

Tampa 813-963-2555

Corp Headquarters 305-403-4820

Retail Department 800-856-6983 *Orders can be places from retail department. Contact 

**Mention the mailbox is for Southern Dunes Master HOA in Haines City**

Model BAL 101 - Baldwin Design 

PC01 Ball Cap BMC Post CB 1 Base 

Red Aluminum Flag 

Gold Vinyl Address Numbers 


Did you know that having a beautifully manicured landscape adds both beauty and value to your home?  Whether you’re updating your landscaping for your personal enjoyment, or cleaning up the look for a quick sale.  Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure your home makes a great impression.


·  *Trimming trees, shrubs and plants helps to establish a clean look.  Particularly if they have been in place for more than a few years and have grown untended.


· * Weed removal and routine lawn mowing are key to achieving a manicured lawn.  Removing weeds can be quite tricky.  The best way to control weeds is to get them while they’re young.  A few simple pulls “here and there” can put you on the right track to a controlled lawn.  Also make sure your sprinkler timer is coordinated with the watering schedule for your neighborhood.


· * Adding color to your garden gives your landscape a little extra pizzazz.  Choosing the right plants can be a decision all your own or coupled with a landscaper or a quick visit to your local nursery.  Explaining your style and color tastes should provide enough to identify the right plants for you.


·  *A light layer of natural, bio-degradable mulch in landscape beds and tree rings should be added to not only provide visual appeal but to aid in water retention and weed suppression. You can find many tips and tricks on line or by using previously mentioned resources like landscapers and nurseries.


To ensure your home is “picture perfect” without any bumps in the road, a DRC application is needed before any major exterior changes in your landscape are done.